Games Tax Relief Q&A Series

Games Tax Relief (GTR) will create and protect over 4,660 highly skilled jobs and ensure £188m in extra investment in UK games businesses over the next five years. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who helped win GTR for the UK games industry.

Our new series of free TIGA Q&A Sessions will take place across the country. Each event will include expert speakers and local developers discussing practical ways to navigate around the newly introduced Games Tax Relief and to help you understand how it will benefit your games studio. We aim for our meet-ups to encourage networking, sharing of knowledge amongst expert speakers and attendees as well as providing food & drink at every event. We have limited space at each event, so please register as early as possible at your nearest location

All game developers, whether TIGA members or non-members, are welcome to attend for free.

We look forward to seeing you around the UK and will announce more dates and details shortly.