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Cloud Gaming Europe – February 21-22 2013.

Date: Thursday 21st February 2013

Develop a plan of attack for player engagement and monetization on the cloud

Publishers, cloud platforms and telecoms come together to talk partnerships and monetisation in the new era of gaming!

Recognise publisher’s position on cloud gaming: Practical insight on how publishers intend to monetise the cloud and engage new players, and realistic time frames

Telecoms as a bridge to new players: Understand telecoms role in the new gaming ecosystem and infrastructure requirements for taking premium games content on to the cloud

Devise a profitable and timely cloud gaming strategy: Improve player engagement and maximise your games’ reach and profits now, and for the future

Grab new players and improve scalability: Get a run-down on the partnerships and strategies needed to improve market penetration and to build a mass user database

Venue: Thistle Hotel - Marble Arch, London
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